Thursday, 28 January 2016

Congratulations to our December DMTs!!

Last month in December, we had three amazing DMTs: Kai (in the blue t-shirt), Chris (on the left), and Cat (on the right).

My name is Kai.  I am a regular local guy from Borneo.  I am the account clerk at Scuba Junkie.  One day, I told Ash and Dave [Semporna managers] that I would like to do diving as my career.  After talking with Ric [Scuba Junkie’s owner], Scuba Junkie offered to enroll me in the divemaster internship program, which allows me to take all the courses (open water, advanced, EFR, and rescue) up to the divemaster level.  I am very happy diving and meeting people.  I have learned a lot from the instructors here!  Now, I realize that I need nitrogen to live ☺

Chris is one of the new DMTs at Scuba Junkie in December. He hails from Brisbane, Australia, and has been diving since he was first certified as an Open Water Diver in the Maldives in 2001. Chris is a career researcher, and is completing his DMT internship in order to have a more active and leading role in his university’s dive club. He came to Mabul to see peacock mantis shrimp and flamboyant cuttlefish – both of which he saw on his first day. Hobbies include talking, all the time and about anything at all, to anyone who will listen / is within earshot.

Catherine is the second recruit in Decembers DMT course, from Sydney, Australia. First certified in 1997, searching far and wide to do her DMT course and finally finding her ‘happy place’– Scuba Junkie Mabul.  With a background in Sales & Marketing, she is looking to change the scenery from the usual office grind as well as to become a better diver.  Travel, photography, diving and salsa dancing are just some of her interests – and looking for any opportunity in which to combine one or more of these interests is her passion in life.

Below is a picture of the December DMTs after completing their equipment exchange/stress test.  Everybody succeeded with flying colors, and Scuba Junkie is happy to introduce them to the world as PROFESSIONAL DIVERS!

If you're interested in taking the step into professional diving please send an email to

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