Saturday, 30 January 2016

Congratulations to Dani, Sarah and Dolly! January DMTs

Congratulations to our January DMTs, Sarah, Dolly, and Dani! They have successfully completed their dive master course with Scuba Junkie.  We had an epic equipment exchange and stress test on the 28th!  Throughout the month, these guys dealt with a lot of challenges, such as learning everything in a second language, improving their dive skills, and learning how to speak like a professional diver!  We also shared many laughs along the way (well I did at least).

 One of my favorite things is something that the December’s DMTs passed onto to the January DMTs.  As we all know, the buddy check involves BWRAF.  The December DMTs created a new and improved buddy check consisting of BWRAF – H.  The H stands for HUG.  After completing the buddy check, everybody gets into a circle, wraps their arms around each other, starts jumping, and yells, “DIVING, DIVING, DIVING!”  It’s pretty epic.  Their enthusiasm inspires me and hopefully everyone else to keep on diving.

Dolly has returned to Australia to continue his studies. We will miss him greatly!  Dani and Sarah are staying for a two week internship, and we are happy to have them.  If you see them around the dive shop, make sure to buy them a beer for all of their hard work!

If you have any questions about our DMT program, please let us know either on Facebook or through email at

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