Tuesday, 18 August 2015

9 Reasons to get excited for SHARK WEEK!

Shark Week is nearly upon us, and here are some reasons we were here at Scuba Junkie are getting really excited about it! 

1. Fundraising activities:
During the week we will have loads of fundraising activities going on. We will be holding special shark based pub quizzes and daily competitions through out the week. All the money we raise is going directly to shark conservation in the area. 

2. The Finathon!
We will be holding a sponsered finathon where our staff and interns (and anyone else who wants to join) will be swimming around Pulau Mabul. We hope to raise awareness and money for our sharkie friends. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information on how to sponsor this event. 

3. Presentations: 
We have a whole host of special guests who will be joining us during the week giving some fascinating presentations. From information on the threats that sharks face, how to photograph sharks and the biology of sharks everyone will be gaining a wealth of information on these stunning creatures 

4. Shark Speciality:

Amongst the competitions there will be opportunity for customers to win the opportunity to do the shark specialty. The PADI Shark Speciality gives students a insight into why sharks are so valuable to the ecosystem and builds knowledge of the threats that sharks are facing every day. Students will discuss what effects the habitat of sharks in the Mabul area and why more sharks are seen in some areas than others.  

5. Reef and Beach cleans: 
Those of you who know us know that there are few things that get us more excited than removing trash from the ocean. A glamorous job it is not, but there are not many activities that are more satisfying. We will be conducting several beach and reef cleans through out the week. There will also be information given on why this is such an important job to undertake. 

6. Community involvement: 
We will once again be working closely with our good friends over at Green Semporna. They will be assisting us on our work with the local school children. The kids will get involved in a whole selection of activities that are aimed at education and shark awareness and the importance of keeping Pulau Mabul clean. 

WWF are also supporting Shark Week. They have a plan for a Roadshow for Primary Schools in Semporna. They plan to visit schools and educate on the idea that sharks are interesting, not a threat to us and need to be left in the ocean. 

We are hugely grateful to both of these organisations for their support and involvement on what is going to be an incredible week! 

7. We get to talk about sharks!
Sharks are amazing! That is just a fact of life. We love talking about sharks and we love to share our passion for them.  Our Shark Week aims to educate and increase awareness. We want to show those who have a more 'Jaws' views on sharks that really they are shy creatures who are essential to the ecosystem. Shark Week means we get a whole week of promoting these fascinating, stunning and intelligent creatures.

Everyone loves sharks!

8. Everyone is getting involved'
This year Shark Week is all over Sabah. Not only are we having a plethora of events at the Mabul Beach Resort, but Semporna and Kota Kinabalu are involved as well. So wherever you are diving, you won't miss out on the fun. Kota Kinabalu will even be holding a Shark sunset cruise in the National Park. We will be posting lots of updates for you so you know exactly what we will all be getting up to. 

9. Beach Party! 
No Shark Week is complete without a party and us Scuba Junkies know how to throw one. We will be having a BBQ and music on the beach as part of our closing ceremony. What better way to end the week than dancing under the stars celebrating our elasmobranch friends. 

For more information on Shark Week feel free to email us: info@scuba-junkie.com. Also keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter @ScubaJunkie_MY  for updates

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