Saturday, 31 May 2014

Turtle Week: The Grand Finale

The final day of Turtle Week was action packed, with all our fundraising activities culminating in a 5 hour continuous reef clean.The time of 5 hours was chosen because that is how long a Green turtle can remain underwater whilst resting. A dedicated team of staff, interns and guests took out a boat and worked hard to  make the reef a safer place for turtles.  For five hours we had at least four people in the water. It was a tremendous effort, with 15 people taking part, taking in turns it to get underwater and clean the reef.  Not only was this a great fundraising activity, but it is also extremely important work. Removing plastic from the reefs needs to be done, not just to preserve the reef, but also to prevent turtles from ingesting it - which ultimately will be fatal for them. 

The evening saw the closing ceremony and a big party on the beach. A bar was set up and our Scuba Junkie band made the trip over from Semporna. We also set up a barbecue, selling delicious steak sandwiches, burgers and veggie kebabs, with all the money raised going straight into the Turtle Week fund. As the festivities were getting under way, Rohan took to the stage and announced our final total. We raised over 7500RM this week, an amazing effort from everyone involved, and we are truly grateful to everyone who contributed. We also announced the winner for our raffle, and the lucky Nadia won a 3 day 2 night stay with us at Scuba Junkie. The evenings activities went down a treat, as staff, interns and guests celebrated the fantastic amount of money raised. It was a great party and great way to end a week in which everyone had worked so hard. Everyone danced around in the sand as the band played a selection of covers. It was an incredible week, and we look forward to the next one. 

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